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US XENA, Trek and Sci Fi Convention
Dearborn, Michigan
October 13-14
Hudson Leick and Kevin Smith
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US Premiere of The X Files
Featuring Lucy Lawless
November 4th, 9pm
FOX Network

UK DVD release
Series 1 part 2
November 5th 2001

Top Ten Gabrielle Outfits
Not the peasant dress, BGSB or red leathers, but some of the OTHER looks..

10. The Ides of March crucifixion rags...how to die in style! They popped up a few times over the years.

9. Janice Covington in The Xena Scrolls...not sure if the butch look suits her that much, but nice cigar. I hear Renee is quite attached to the bull whip :)

8. Them Bones, The Bones - Gabrielle as Robin Hood! I want one of those buckskin costumes! Gabrielle gets her bow and arrow out to kill a deer. Poor dear..

7. Old Ares Had a Farm and Gabrielle plays the Southern Belle in a skimpy little number, that she even tears off to make skimpier!

6. The Debt 2 - Gabrielle really suited the Chinese silks, even if she spent most of her time in them sobbing or whacking Xena.

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Idiot's Guide to The X Files for XENA fans..
10th October 2001
So you're a XENA fan and want to watch Lucy Lawless on The X Files in November but have no idea what's happening on that show these days? Well this is a chance for you to catch up on the latest developments, before season 9 of The X Files begins.

Unless you live on a different planet, you will know that The X Files was initially the story of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Mulder was the believer in all things paranormal and all round UFO-chasing, alien-obsessed nutter. Scully was the sceptical scientist who constantly tried to rationalise the things they saw.

This is about as much as many non X Filespeople know. The show chugged along happily enough, delving into alien plots, extra terrestrials and government conspiracies for seven seasons, at which time David Duchovny was getting fed up and wanted to leave. Consequently, Mulder was abducted by aliens in the final episode of season 7, and appeared in just a few season 8 episodes.

In Season 8, Scully had a new partner, Agent John Doggett, played by Terminator 2 actor, Robert Patrick. Doggett is appointed by new deputy director Kersh, who has proved himself to be a very untrustworthy character, and a total non-believer in The X Files and Mulder's theories. John Doggett is a down to earth kind of guy, but proved himself to be a man of integrity and saved Scully butt several times in season 8.

In the later half of the year, another new character appeared, Monica Reyes played by Annabeth Gish. She is much more of a believer than either Doggett or Scully, and has worked with Doggett before. Reyes appeared in the same episode that saw the return of Mulder. Yep, back from his time with the aliens. After a few dramas he was back in Scully's life again, although there is a little surprise for him...Scully is pregnant! This was a surprise for a number of reasons. Firstly, after she was abducted and experimented on several years previously, she was supposedly left barren and unable to have children. Secondly, she hasn't had a boyfriend since season 1 (apart from a disastrous date with a mad tattoo bearing psycho but we won't mention that....)

Of course, most fans thought that the baby was Mulder's. Mulder and Scully's flirting is even more subtle than Xena and Gabrielle's! During season 8, we got some flashback episodes that showed Mulder helping Scully out - via artificial insemination (no fun those two), however, it was shown as unsuccessful, so the main theory was that the pair of them did THE deed at some point! This seemed to be reinforced when Scully finally gave birth in the season 8 finale. Reyes, Assistant Director Skinner and Doggett help Scully and Mulder avoid the aliens that seem to be after her baby. Reyes whisks Scully away, Skinner shoots the villainous Alex Krychek(Nicholas Lea) and Mulder races to be with Scully. Eventually, the baby is born and Scully announces that the baby is to be named William, after Mulder's father, just before the pair of them have a long smooch. And no attempt to pass it off as passing the water of life via mouth either..

So, going into season 9, David Duchovny has positively pulled out, Gillian Anderson is THE star, Annabeth Gish's Monica Reyes is a permanent star, and everyone is wondering how they are going to deal with the absence of Mulder and deal with Scully's new state of motherhood.

Now, what about Lucy Lawless then? What us XENA fans really want to know is who will she be and in how many episodes. Well at the moment, it has only been confirmed that she is in the opening 2 episodes of the season, although we are told she could be in up to 4 more.

Lucy plays Shannon McMahon, and in true X Files style, we are not sure whether she is going to be a good girl or a baddie. From online spoilers, she may well be playing some sort of super soldier. In season 8 Doggett had a CIA buddy named Knowle Rohrer (who I thought was called Noel Raw - that's how its pronounced) who was played Adam Baldwin. Rohrer appeared to be a friend who gave Doggett tip offs, but we saw that he had some strange growths on the back of his neck and was not a normal guy. Alien?
Lucy's character is rumoured to have special skills ('many' you might almost say..) that include being able to breathe underwater. Hence some of the wet look images that were in the trailer. Whether she also is an alien or genetically altered soldier we are not sure, and recent screengrabs showing her with FBI ID and sitting casually with Doggett don't clarify things much unfortunately. However, in a few weeks, all will be revealed in episode 1 Nothing Important Happened Today.
US viewers, FOX Network Sunday November 4th at 9pm

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