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1st January 2006 - Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to all of Xenaville's visitors. Hope 2006 brings you all you wish for.
What lies ahead in the Xenaverse in '06? Well, some good news for Renee O'Connor who announced she is due to give birth to her second child in the spring of 2006. Congratulations Renee!
13th-15th January sees Creation's Annual Xena convention in Burbank, CA. Both Lucy and Renee are appearing, along with a whole bunch of other guests. Hope all you attendees have a blast. I'm guessing this will also be our chance for an update on any possible Xena movie, but to be honest, does anyone still hold out much hope??
Lucy fans need to keep their TVs on in the new year. Lucy is appearing on the fabulous Veronica Mars in January and returns for one, possibly two episodes of Battlestar Galactica.
UK fans, the next Midlands Xenafest WILL be happening, hopefully in the spring of 2006. Stay tuned for more details.
Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who takes to time to contact me with information/questions/comments. It's good to know people still appreciate the show and find something on Xenaville they like. Can I encourage a few more of you to visit and join up at the Xenaville Message Board. Its been a bit quiet round there lately and we always welcome new blood!
Happy New Year.

15th November 2005 - Xenaverse News Bits
Lots of bits and pieces around right now. Firstly, good news for Lucy fans. Not only will she be returning in two more Battlestar Galactica episodes in 2006, but she will be appearing in the fabulous Veronia Mars in January. Kristen from E! News reports that she will be playing an FBI agent in an episode called "Donut Run" airing on 18th January.
Meanwhile, do keep an eye on Lucy's website, where you can order her self designed t shirts, and also Renee's website, which has been updated recently.

UK TV alert - 7th December, 10pm, Sky One is airing Locusts, which I enjoyed a lot. A good leading role for Lucy. Sky are also repeating Tarzan on Sunday afternoons if you didn't see it.
And in other big news, I turned 40 this month...!

4th October 2005 - Planet Xena and Moon Gabrielle!
The coolest news of the month so far is the announcement of the discovery of a 10th planet in our solar system, informally named Xena. This week, Planet Xena's moon was spotted, and promptly nick-named Gabrielle! Clearly those astronomers were fans! Check out Lucy Lawless' Fanclub page - she's pretty pleased about the news too!
BBC News on Xena and Gabrielle
The official announcement
I especially liked this bif of that announcement:
What is the moon called?
Sadly, the committees deciding the fate of 2003 UB313 and its name have still come to no decisions. Since we get tired of saying a name with 9 syllables, we still call the tenth planet by our original code name, Xena. The moon officially goes by the name of S/2005 (2003 UB313) 1. Depending on how you count, that is something like 15 syllables.. It should come as no surprise to some, then, that we very quickly decided to call the moon by the code name Gabrielle. We look forward to the day that the committees finally decides and both of these bodies can get permanent names. In the meantime we are glad that Xena and Gabrielle are together again.

1st October 2005 - Xenaverse News
Quite a few happenings in the Xenaverse lately, chiefly, both Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor have launched official websites. Essential for Xena fans to check out, Lucy Lawless' Official Page and Renee O'Connor's Official Page both have similar web addresses, but while Renee's is the slicker looking, Lucy's page appears to have lots of Lucy imput. Odd that they wait til 4 years after Xena ends to launch official fan club web pages... Anyway, do check them out.
Lucy's Battlestar Galactica appearance was FAB!!! As a fan of Lucy and Battlestar, I LOVED it big time! And the best news, Lucy will be back for TWO more episodes in 2006. The series is on a break til the new year right now. Do have a look at the SciFi Channel's Battlestar Galactica page for Ron Moore's commentary on the episode and David Eick's video blog of Lucy on set. Lucy will also be reprising her role as Maddy from Locusts in a follow up TV Movie names Vampire Bats. Filming in New Orleans coincided with Hurricane Katrina, so with the Battlestar gig, Lucy certainly has been in the news lately.
On a TV theme, I hear Hudson Leick will be appearing in this week's US airing of CSI. Victim? Murderer?? For other Xena alumini, see Melinda Clarke in The OC, Kathryn Morris in Cold Case and many more!
The 15th UK Midlands Xenafest was another fun day, and over 1300 was raised for local charities. Lucy's Battlestar Galactica episode and Locusts proved very popular. Thanks to all who attended, and if you didn't make it, keep your eyes open for Midlands Xenafest 15 in Spring 2006!!
Finally, a last minute, probably too late UK TV alert. Sunday 2nd October sees Discovery Civilisations rerun almost the whole of Lucy Lawless' Warrrior Women show from 9pm. I enjoyed the series a huge heap, so do try and tune in if you missed it first time round.

Battlestar Galactica Fan?
OK, so I am biased as I love it, but with Lucy's involvement in the show, are YOU a fan?

Yes, yes yes! Love it!
Nope, no interest.
Hmmm...maybe, I'm undecided.

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