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UK video release
Series 4 part 2
October 1st 2001

US Premiere of The X Files
Featuring Lucy Lawless
November 4th, 9pm
FOX Network

UK DVD release
Series 1 part 2
November 5th 2001

US XENA, Trek and Sci Fi Convention
Dearborn, Michigan
October 13-14
Hudson Leick and Kevin Smith
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Top Ten Gabrielle Outfits
Not the peasant dress, BGSB or red leathers, but some of the OTHER looks..

10. The Ides of March crucifixion rags...how to die in style! They popped up a few times over the years.

9. Janice Covington in The Xena Scrolls...not sure if the butch look suits her that much, but nice cigar. I hear Renee is quite attached to the bull whip :)

8. Them Bones, The Bones - Gabrielle as Robin Hood! I want one of those buckskin costumes! Gabrielle gets her bow and arrow out to kill a deer. Poor dear..

7. Old Ares Had a Farm and Gabrielle plays the Southern Belle in a skimpy little number, that she even tears off to make skimpier!

6. The Debt 2 - Gabrielle really suited the Chinese silks, even if she spent most of her time in them sobbing or whacking Xena.

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Charity Cruise for NY Fire Crews
1st October 2001
Live in the New York area? Want to meet up with some XENA stars and help raise money for one of the fire crews hit by the World Trade Center tragedy? Read this message from the organisers.

"Dear Fans
In light of the recent tragedy, we know all the fans who have attended conventions over the years wish to send their heartfelt thoughts and prayers to those who have lost loved ones and been effected by these events. Let's come together to be witness to the aftermath of something extraordinary in our history.

Anita Ellis from the James B. Ellis Foundation, Tina Giangiacomo from Creation Entertainment and Mike Ownby of The Hudson Leick fan club, would like to raise money for The Dean St Heroes Fund which supports Firehouse Ladder Company #105 and Engine Company #219 in Brooklyn who lost 7 of their brave firemen.

On November 3rd in Manhattan with the help of Hudson Leick, Ted Raimi, Claire Stansfield and Alexandra Tydings, we are having a Charity Brunch Boat Cruise on the World Yacht Cruise Ship.

If you would like to join us please visit
for further information.

Tina Giangiacomo
Anita Ellis
Mike Ownby"

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