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Cherry Hill Xena Convention

August 25-26, 2001

Cherry Hill Hilton, New Jersey, USA

Guests: Alexandra Tydings, Claire Stansfield, Tsianina Joelson, Victoria Pratt, Cathy, Mia, Vince, Lisa DC, Lisa TN, Sofrina

This is just a quick page for photos of the Cherry Hill Con weekend where some of us got together. The photos are either mine or Mia's - we did a mega swap, and a lot of hers were better than mine.

Photos and stuff
Click on the thumbnails to see larger photos

You might have heard, a few hours after I rented a car and parked it on Mia's street, a large branch fell on it! Thank the gods for insurance - and that I decided to pay it (bloody expensive!)

After everyone arrived at Mia's, we sorted out the car and the branch, had our Philly Cheesesteaks, we broke out the booze!

The next morning, SOME people were feeling a bit hung over - we went to a diner for breakfast before heading to New Jersey and the Cherry Hill Hilton. That's Lisa and Vince looking a bit worse the wear, Lisa DC in the shades, me in the black T shirt and Alan, Lisa TN's brother.

Lisa DC was part of the panel of experts for the trivia quiz - that's her on the left. They even won (despite not getting my question right!) Hey Lisa, thought you were buying the drinks???

Mia, me and Lisa DC at the convention

Some nice photos of Mia and Vince and Lisa TN - looking less hung over now! (It was later in the morning.)

Vince gets his autograph from Vicky Pratt as Lisa DC lurks.

The Charity Breakfast, and me and Mia get friendly with the guests!

And finally...Vince on Mia's porch.

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