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A Day in The Life Reviewed

Most internet polls have this episode topping the charts as the fans` favourite. It is totally different from anything else and is also notable for being Michael (Iolaus) Hurst`s first Xena episode as director. It follows a day in the life of our favourite duo, from waking up to going to bed. It is divided into ten sections each with an on screen title. Xena and Gabrielle are woken up by an attack from a troop of soldiers from Zargreas` army who are on a looting mission and want to keep Xena out of their way. They also meet a man who asks for their help to defeat a giant who is going to attack their village. Xena comes up with a way of helping both villages - of course.

This episode features Xena and Gabrielle as we have never seen them before, squabbling, playing 20 questions, teasing each other, having a bath together, dealing with an amorous fan of Xena`s and Gabrielle`s attempts to catch Xena by surprise. There is a lot of humour but also a good story too as Xena manages to defeat a warlord and the giant Gareth, while also inventing kite flying, catching fish with her bare hands and playing matchmaker. Almost every scene either has a memorable line or a moment of visual humour. Some have seen the two villagers Hower and Minya as representation of Xena fans! Either in love or fawning over Xena, in their `I`ll do anything for the Warrior Princess` mode. They are certainly comical characters. This was also a very big favourite for fans of the subtext of the show who enjoyed the bathtub scene and Xena and Gabrielle`s bantering. Not the sort of episode that could be done again really, but after the drama of the Destiny/Quest/Necessary Evil story, this episode shows the range and variety of the show. Excellent.

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