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Giant Killer Reviewed

Xena and Gabrielle go to meet an old friend of Xena`s- Goliath, and yes it IS that Goliath, the giant! They get involved in the fight between the Israelites including the future King David, and the Philistines, aided by Goliath. Along the way Gabrielle almost falls for David, and Xena must fight against her old friend. This story mixes Xena with Biblical characters semi-successfully. The story is reasonable, although I was a bit sorry Xena couldn`t find any other way out than killing her old and valued friend. Gabrielle`s relationship with David was a bit reminiscent of all the young men she seemed to fall for in the first half of series one, but at least he didn`t die like most of her men! The giant effects are convincing, the fights OK, but this isn`t the most memorable of episodes. Todd Rippon who played Goliath was in the Hercules tv movie that Renee O`Connor was in as the local thug, and he wasn`t THAT tall.

DISCLAIMER: No Bible myths or stories were irreparably mangled during the production of this motion picture.

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