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Ten Little Warlords Reviewed

Hudson Leick plays Xena stuck in Callisto`s body in this story that has Ares losing his Godhood after his sword is stolen by the sneaky - but dead - King Sisyphus, played by director Charles Siebert. Strange things happen with no God of war; peaceful people, including Gabrielle can`t control their tempers while a large group of the nastiest warlords seem to be all pals.

Xena and Gabrielle get an invitation meant for Callisto to a special event. Sisyphus is holding a contest and the winner can become the new god of war. Xena teams up with the now mortal Ares to try and regain his sword and his godhood.

This story was originally written for Lucy Lawless, but was adapted so that Hudson Leick could play it, and she makes a pretty good job of it, although interestingly, she says she really hated it as it was just too dull to play the good girl!

The delectable Kevin Smith goes all scruffy and even takes his shirt off girls! Gabrielle and Joxer argue and fight their way to help in this Agatha Christie type tale. The setting is reminiscent of 10 Little Indians, with the remote island and the mysterious host, and the guests being killed one by one.

It is strange seeing Hudson Leick as Xena - Gabrielle jumps when the new Xena wakes her up at the start. "Couldn`t you dye your hair?" she asks.

Leick and Kevin Smith make a good pair. Smith shows the usual dark charm, but with a touch of seediness about him as the mortal Ares. He needs Xena`s help, and admits he isn`t enjoying himself, but Xena correctly scoffs when he suggests the experience may change him. However, he does return Xena to her own body at the end, although Lucy Lawless doesn`t actually appear. The shots at the end are the credits sequence and a body double, which makes Gabrielle`s cry of,"It is you!" rather amusing. Look out for the flying lobster near the beginning, and Hudson accidentally groping Renee!!

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