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Warrior...Princess...Tramp Reviewed

This follow up to the first series episode Warrior..Princess, features Lucy Lawless in three roles - or even more! She plays Xena, the princess Diana, the tramp Meg, Xena pretending to be Meg, Diana pretending to be Xena, Meg pretending to be Diana and Meg pretending to be Xena! This inevitably has lots of slapstick stuff, involving Meg having the hots for Joxer(!), Meg being nasty to Gabrielle, a fight between Gabrielle and Meg, all three having a fight with the baddies etc etc. The amazing thing is, it works - thanks to Lucy Lawless` slightly different portrayal of each. You can tell who she is supposed to be quite easily (apart from an early scene with Xena and Joxer where Lucy Lawless` Xena doesn`t speak quite correctly.) Look out for Lucy Lawless finally getting something different to sing - although the lullaby she chooses certainly shocks the nanny! Other noteworthy scenes, Xena`s entrance into the bar where Meg has been hanging out, Meg`s scene with Joxer at the castle featuring the filthiest line so far-"I want your sword in my service RIGHT NOW!"- Gabrielle`s jail scenes, Xena`s chakram display to prove she is Xena, and a very funny finale as first Diana, then Meg appear as Xena, before our hero appears to save the day. For my money this one isn`t quite as good as the first lookalike episode, which had the advantage of originality, and had a funnier script. This one relies on Ms Lawless` acting skills more than good writing - and thanks to her it works very well. However, there were some very well written scenes, and when Lucy can carry an episode so well, this lookalike formula will run and run. (And it does!)

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