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Been There, Done That Reviewed

In a blatant rip off of the movie Groundhog Day, Xena lives the same day over and over again, and must solve the problems of two feuding families in a small town. Despite the derivative plot, this is a very funny episode. Joxer appears, although he dies in one of the time lines, as does just about everyone else. The feuding families story is very reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet, down to the duelling rapiers as a pair of young lovers from oppposing houses are the root of the trouble. Lucy Lawless seems to have got a bit bored of the stoic Xena, as, in the last episode and this, she gets a chance to display her comic talents more than anything else. This episode is also one for all those fan fiction writers to watch that always portray Xena as the silent type; she does virtually no fighting and LOTS of talking in this episode. As with the wonderful Groundhog Day film, the one character who relives the day - here it`s Xena of course - has to accomplish some impossible task. The fun of the episode is watching her do it, and also to look out for the little details that the production designers put in, like the sign on the local inn, which features two bulls, and as each day passes, they change, becoming more angry and locking horns.

It is not really easy to discuss plot points or character actions in an episode like this, as it is very enjoyable, but mainly as a series of amusing scenes. For instance, Xena`s frustration at the repeating day, her explanation of what is happening to Gabrielle, Joxer`s second "death", the all out fight amongst the villagers that Xena ignores and the highly ridiculous chakram throw with something like 35 bounces! Wonderful fun. There are also lots of subtext moments by the way. Joxer`s comment asking Xena if she has a hickey, Xena comforting Gabrielle after Joxer`s `death` and more.

Writer Hilary Bader is a new name to fans, but this very amusing story immediately makes Hilary a favourite.

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