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The Dirtsy Half Dozen Reviewed

Although filmed later, this was the first all new series three episode shown, and featured Gabrielle`s even shorter top and skirt. It is the story of a cocky young warrior named Agathon(Jonathon Roberts) who Ares decides to help by giving him a special super strong metal that will make him almost indestructible. Naturally Xena is out to stop him, and she recruits four old friends with the necessary skills - a bunch of criminals and murderers that she knew and indeed trained in her former days as a warlord. As the six make their way to Agathon`s castle, old tensions arise before they even get to fight, but inevitably, Xena and Agathon get to face off in a western style shoot out. Who will be quickest on the draw?(Daft question!)

This was an enjoyable episode partly because of the story, and the character dynamics, but also because the guest stars did a good job of fleshing the characters out. It was interesting to see people from Xena`s past, and gives Gabrielle pause for thought. In particular Glaphyra(Katrina Hobbes) and Darnell(Charles Mesure) were good characters, if a little stereotyped - angry feminist and arrogant chauvenist. Lucy and Reneé were probably glad to share the stage for once. Because of the switching of episodes, Xena`s sword that is broken here is miraculously restored in the next episode! In retrospect, this more traditional and slightly unadventurous XWP episode was the exception in series three. Certainly this episode didn`t take too many risks. The character of Agathon was one of the bigger faliures. He is useless as a warlord - just cocky and unmemorable. Making him a surfer dude type didn`t really work, and he nothing that made you think Ares would take any interest in him. However, this is the first of the episodes that begins Gabrielle`s development. This season would be a biggie for the bard, and here we see her get angry - and physically threaten Glaphyra after she bad-mouths drippy Perdicas. Gabrielle also is forced to ask herself - and Xena, about what sort of an impact being with Xena had had on her character, seeing these people Xena trained to be fighters and assassins. Despite these developments, this is not an especially memorable episode from season 3.

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