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The Quill is Mightier Reviewed

Another very funny comedy episode that is that extremely rare thing, a good Xena-lite episode. After one of Aphrodite`s temples is vandalized by Xenafans, she decides to get her own back on Gabrielle for spreading Xena`s fame far and wide. She casts a spell over one of her scrolls so that everything Gabrielle writes comes true. This is, of course, the cue for various adventures. Xena has gone fishing, and Gabrielle teams up with Joxer(Ted Raimi), Ares(Kevin Smith) and Aphrodite(Alexandra Tydings) - the gods have been made mortal because of Gabrielle`s scroll - to try and fix things. Another rather slapstick episode that finally allows Renee O`Connor to really be the star. She gets to be a super hero, defeating a horde of barbarians with her trusty staff and her mighty abs! Of course, the spell on the scroll doesn`t work out as happily as she expects. Writing, `the drinks are on the house`, means it rains beer, `Gabrielle awoke with a jerk`, causes Joxer to appear. More comedy arises from having Ares and Aphrodite as mortals, although having Aphrodite be smelly is amusing the first time, the joke wears a bit thin. Gabrielle tries to write Xena back into the story, but it takes a few tries and Minya(Allison Wall) makes a welcome return after Gabrielle is imprecise in her words. Eventually, Xena returns with a cartload of fish after her trip, and a very funny fish fight ensues between her and yet another ambitious warlord. A starfish becomes a chakram style weapon, a swordfish making a pretty decent javelin!

The writer Hilary Bader was also responsible for the magic of Been There, Done That and once again this is a witty and briskly moving script. Renee O`Connor proves that she is more than capable of carrying an episode, Joxer is amusing. I like Aphrodite, although I am not sure I want to see Ares too soft. (However later episodes proved that this isn`t a problem.) Special mention should be made of the three naked dancing Gabrielles - thanks to Joxer writing a very bad limerick on the scroll. Wonder what Renee O`Connor thought when she read THAT in the script! Fun.

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