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If the Shoe Fits Reviewed

A wonderfully funny comedy that owes a bit to the style of A Day in the Life. This one sees Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer meeting an unbelievably cute little princess who has run away from home as she doesn`t like her new step mother. As luck would have it, her father is an old friend of Xena`s - yes that bloodthirsty warlord sure did make a lot of friends! - and so to keep her amused, Gabrielle begins to tell her a story. The story of Tyrella, who was obviously the ancient Greek version of Cinderella. The fun of this episode is that the story is acted out by the actors, so we have Gabrielle as Tyrella, Xena as the wicked step mother, Aphrodite as Tyrella`s vain sister, Joxer as the handsome prince, Joxer as Tyro - his version of Tyrella, Xena as his fairy Godsmother, Xena as a much more aggressive Tyrella etc etc. Needless to say, the fairy tales progress along the predictable lines, although it is Joxer`s Tyro who makes it to the ball to dance with the beautiful princess (Gabrielle), before the sand timer runs out and he switches back to his rags.

It would take far too long to go into every detail of this very funnny episode, but special mention must go to little Olivia Tennet who was criminally cute, and delivered all her lines so well. It was rather sweet to see Xena walking along holding her hand too. A real cutie.

The opening of this episode is also one Gabrielle fans enjoyed. We see Gabrielle having a shower - all mod cons in their camp site - and someone stealing her "favourite shirt". Yes, the mini BGSB might be on its way out!! Gabrielle has to wear a sack during this episode, although she does keep cutting it down, so it is quite fetching by the end. In another homage to A Day in the Life, we see a bit of the bickering and bantering between a slightly grumpy bard and a slightly inconsiderate warrior. All good fun.

The subplot of the king and queen having to get Alesia to like the queen was a bit ho hum. Rather dodgy cod-English accents too for the royals. I was also not totally convinced by Aphrodite`s broodiness. Would she really want a little human child to look after? However, we do finally get the chance to admire Alexandra Tydings` tatoos! I am almost alone among Xena fans is really loving this episode I think, but for me it all just worked so well.

Other highlights, more frying pan humour, Xena as Tyrella - a kick ass version naturally, all the fantasy fairy tale sequences, Joxer and Gabrielle`s dancing, Gabrielle walking off in a huff and Xena`s reaction, Joxer singing something OTHER than his Joxer the Mighty song, Gabrielle lifting up Xena at the end! Yes, this one is right up there with my very favourite comedies. A delight.

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