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Takes One To Know One Reviewed

Xena arrives at her mother`s inn to discover Joxer, Minya, Lila and Autolycus all there planning a surprise party for Gabrielle`s birthday. However, another visitor is murdered and one of the family/friends must have done it. The Goddess of retribution, Discord tells Xena she must hand over the culprit before dawn or they will all suffer. So, Xena plays detective in this fun and frothy episode.

While not exactly a comedy, this is a one off episode that is quite light hearted, even though it deals with death and features all sorts of accusations. I liked the format of all the seemingly trustworthy characters having their own motives, and the flashbacks where we saw just exactly what they did. I am NOT a fan of Discord, who I think is very uninteresting. Besides, where on earth did this idea that a death had to be paid for by someone come from? Retribution? Seems unlikely that Discord could be watching all the time. Besides, we see so many warlords and baddies each week, how come she isn`t after them? Probably one of the biggest ensemble episodes, we had Lila, Minya, Cyrene, Joxer, Autolycus and Discord. Bet the canteen was busy that week. Seeing all these characters interact was fun. Joxer and Lila as a couple? Lila and Minya seemed very pally too. And what *was* going on with Autolycus and Cyrene??

A slight niggle - Gabrielle is very unsurprised to see her sister, and indeed rather quick to accuse her at one point. Also, I thought Minya had run off with Paulina to become a thespian?

Despite this, Takes One To Know One was quite enjoyable. It was nice to see Gabrielle celebrating her birthday - they never seem to bother with that sort of thing usually on the show. Can we expect a party for Xena next? I guessed the killer quite early on though!

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