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Chakram Reviewed

It`s back to life for Xena and Gabrielle, but Xena`s not quite the woman she was...

After the amazing events of Fallen Angel that saw Xena and Gabrielle return from the dead, we see the return of my favourite baddie - Ares. Kevin Smith has thankfully had a haircut too!

However, Xena is not herself. She has forgotten all about her violent past, and on top of all that ANOTHER war god, Kal(Antonio Te Maioho) is interested in her, or rather her chakram. Yes, the episode is called Chakram for a reason. Many fans were left wondering by the breaking of the chakram in Ides of March, and it turns out that there is another Chakram. This other one has the power to kill a god - kind of like the Hind`s blood dagger. Ares and Kal both want it, of course. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Amarice are having to do the fighting as Xena seems to have forgotten how.

The first episode proper - with Xena and Gabrielle back on Earth - is a very enjoyable one. For much of the episode we see a very different Xena. One who doesn`t have Xena`s dark side. Once again Lucy Lawless does well, very subtle differences such as the way Xena runs of just carries herself. Lucy is fairly obviously pregnant here, although no one seems to notice! We also get to see Gabrielle`s new costume that shows off yet more of Renee O`Connor`s toned limbs! Joxer`s wolf whistle was probably echoed by a lot of fans. Gabrielle also has some new weapons. Called sais, they are like small daggers. Xena is also in a new outfit - a distinctly non-warrior like dress. However, an even bigger change in Xena`s look is to come....

The story is a good one, although the weapons capable of killing a god are certainly piling up. I liked Kal - although he is unlikely to return. The actor did a good job of making him sexy and menacing in a very short time. Talking of sexy, Kevin Smith certainly cheered me up. The old rogue is not above the sneaky tricks though and tries to take advantage of the amnesiac Xena in yet another memorable bathtub scene. As Amarice says, what is it with Xena and war gods?

This is also the episode where Joxer finally tells Gabrielle he loves her. Typically, he chooses a less than perfect moment but it is another nice little intriging moment.

The final resolution sees the new chakram appear. Opinion is divided on it. It isn`t as stylish as the old one, but it is a very cool weapon, especially when it spilts into two pieces, both able to do all those little chakky tricks! The bit in the fight where the mean old Xena that we know and love returns is one of those moments where you can`t help but cheer. While inner peace is all very well, we do NOT want a peace loving Xena do we! Seeing Xena and Gabrielle fighting the bad guys together is great, and with Lucy`s pregnancy there is a lot more work for Renee in the future. Apparently the Amazon fighting staff was going to make a come back, but a new weapon was introduced instead. She certainly looks to enjoy throwing herself into the fight scenes.



Another solid enjoyable episode.

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