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Send in the Clones Reviewed

It's clip show/comedy time! We have an episode that I think is set in the future. A group of fans lead by Claire Stansfield clone Xena and Gabrielle for some daft and not terribly clear (we need a hero? Bonnie Tyler..get over here!) purpose..Never mind the plot, this is simply a lightweight bit of fluff that is a lot of fun.

Another thing to ignore of course, it the ridiculousness of actually being able to clone Xena and Gabrielle, so that we get them the same age as the Xena and Gab of TV. Wouldn't clones be created as babies? OK, so a lot to ignore!

The fans shown here are a motley bunch, who look like the typical Xena Geeks who go to conventions, write reviews, write fanfiction, create web sites and.....hey wait a minute!!!

This bunch of familiar faces (Alison Wall, Polly Baigent and Ian Hughes) are respectively a Gabrielle/Subtext fan; a Xena, kick-ass fan and a Joxer fan. They were obviously trying to cover all the bases to reflect us fans. Of course, seeing Claire Stansfield was in it, we just KNEW she was going to be a villain didn't we, but at least Claire got to look her age and a bit glam for once. Poor Claire is stunning, yet has to dress up as the old hag Alti all the time on the show!

Its hard to judge the clip shows in quite the same ways as the other standard episodes, as the plots and dialogue are often shaped around the clips, but I thought it was an amusing episode withough being one I can spend long analysing. The humour came from the trio of Xena fans( although boy, were they the unlikiest bunch of super-scientists!) and seeing Xena and Gabrielle reacting to them and the modern world. Xena enjoys pizza and 21st century plumbing, and thinks the girl who plays her is hot!! Gabrielle is intrigued by the way they present her and Xena's relationship, and is still a whizz with the sais.

The plot leads to a confrontation between Xena and Alti and a scrap in a scrapyard. It's all entertaining enough, and with a cute ending. Just relax, don't expect too much and you'll have a laugh. Although alcohol might help.



Fun and frothy clip show comedy. Nothing deep, but an amusing enough one.

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