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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Multipath Adventure CD ROM

One of these days I will get round to doing a proper review of this, but a note of warning about this disc: some sites have this listed as a DVD. It isn't. The Multipath adventure is one where you get to follow Xena and Gabrielle on an adventure (here based on the S2 episode, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Death in Chains is also available), and you choose what they will do at certain points in the story. For instance, near the start when the wolves attack, you decide whether Xena uses the Chakram or the whip to fend them off. It is rather like those kids story books, where at the bottom of the page it says something like, "If you want the Wizard to turn the man into a mouse turn to page 53. If you want the Wizard to help him turn to page 34."

It is also identical to the so-called XENA WEBISODES that you can get online. Its the same thing, but has been broken up into bits for the web.

The animation is very similar to the XENA Playstation game, and the voices are nothing like the actors unfortunately. There are a few nice touches, but its all a bit pointless. Why follow an episode? An original story might have been interesting, but if you have seen the ep, the only fun is trying to get Xena, Gab and Joxer killed! (You can`t!)

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