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UK Xenafest April 2004 Quiz
How many can YOU answer??

Round Four - General Sci Fi

1. Who was the commander of the Deep Space Nine space Station? (Benjamin Sisko)

2. Which popular sci fi show was originally a hit movie starring James Spader and Kurt Russell? (Stargate SG1)

3. Which newspaper does Peter Parker aka Spiderman work for? (Daily Bugle)

4. In Alias, Sydney Bristow hunts down artefacts by which fictional Renaissance scientist and inventor? (Milo Rambalidi)

5. Which 2 regulars died in the final episode of Buffy? (Although one later came back!) Spike and Anya

6. Movies - Who was the last survivor of the Nostromo?(Ripley)

7. To the nearest million, what is the UK box office taking of Return of the King? (£60million)

8. What was the name of Scully and Mulder’s baby in the X Files? (William)

9. Who has been cast as the new Doctor Who? (Christopher Eccleston)

10. Who is the Incredilble Hulk’s alter ego?(The TV version) (Dr David Banner)

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