Displays around Good Shepherd School (2001-2002)

Class 10's Introducing Us Display

Class 7 did a display for Harvest festival in Autumn 2001
This is a display from our reception area of some of the things that go on at Good Shepherd
Mrs Green's class did some work on exploring colour.
More from Mrs Green's class
Number Patterns work in Class 3
Mrs Beck's class Religion display from Autumn 2001
Class 9 did a book of Rememberence for November 2001, month of the Holy Souls
Class 9 designed posters for their science topic on Keeping Healthy
Class 11 learn about the position of the organs for their science work

2000 - 2001

Miss Coley's Class did some English based around the BBC Look and Read "Earthwarp" series
Mrs Cook's class designed and made puppets, and put on a puppet show.

Miss O'Grady's class designed and made Tudor style houses for their topic on The Tudors.

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