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International Week 2007

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June 2007

Good Shepherd School had an International Week in June 2007.

Mrs Cook, Mrs Dunn, Miss Madden and Mrs Towey worked very hard on the displays for International week in Key Stage 2 hall. It is all about what we did that week. The picture of the world shows all the countries and where they are.(Kaine and Mollie)

Bob Brolly came to visit Good Shepherd School to open the International Week. He sat and watched the Reception class do an Indian Stick Dance. (Sunny and Liam)

Nursery were doing a dance with Mrs green about Poland. It was very interesting. Mrs Green dressed in Polish clothes. They also were doing it in their classroom and held up pictures for us. (Shauna and Rhys)

Year 3 did a dance in front of the whole school. We were really scared. Some of our mums and dads were there. The dance was to High School Musical - Get Your Head in the Game. it was really good fun. (Francesca and Kayleigh)

We did the dance with Ricky. We learnt all the dance steps in just 1 hour. After that we had to do it with Miss Bentley because Ricky went to a different school. All the other classes did dances with Ricky too. (Mollie and Kaine)

Class 5 are learning about the parts of the body in French our assembly in KS2 hall. We had a cafe in our class and there were croissants with jam or chocolate, lemonade or orange juice. A lady came in and taught us some more French.

The is the Year 6 children doing their Brazilian Dance to the song Copacabana. As you can see in the background, people are going to do football skills like Pele. At the frony are Shannon and Abbie dressed up as Brazilian ladies. Daniel and Thomas introduced them and looked very smart. I thought the dance was very active and they all looked very colourful. (Emily and Nick)

Shannon and Abbie are ready to dance! (Keira and Robert)

In Year 6, the children were dancing to the beat of Copacabana, with a few of the back row doing impressions of the football player Pele. Abbie and Shannon were in the front dressed in colourful clothes like the Brazilian female dancers. The others danced and sang along to try to make it like a Braziliand carnival. I thought the cresses were very nice and colourful and the songs were very good. It made me feel like dancing! (Jeff and Jordan)

This is Rashmika from Class 4. He is singing like Pavarotti in his outfit, acting like he's at a concert. During the week we learnt about Italy and learnt some Italian. (Lorrein and Olivia)

In Class 4's assembly, Ashleigh is an ice cream from Italy, Rhys is a bunch of grapes, Courtney was a pizza and Peter was a chef.(Mariah and Olivia)

This is Kara and Dominic counting up to 10 in Italian for the assembly and telling us about children in Rome.

During the week we planned out a restaurant, made a pizza and tried some tiramasu. We made up a menu and named the restaurant, The Leaning Tower of Pizza.(Rashmika and Kara)

Class 4 were drawing upside down like Leonardo DaVinci in the Sistine Chapel. They were learning about Italy.

Year 5 learnt about China and they told us how the Chinese New Year was made. The made a Chinese dragon out of paper and glue.(Sunny and Liam)

Year 3 and 4 were entertained with some very funny stories by a storyteller. Another day, they listened to a story and learnt some Arabic in the computer suite.(Mariah and Olivia)

Year 1 are doing their dance from St Lucia in the end of week assembly in KS2 hall. (Danisha)

Class 6 learnt all about Austria. We watched The Sound of Music and for our assembly, we sand Edelweiss from the film, and some children had a try at doing an Austrian waltz. (Miss O'Grady)

Reports by Year 4
International week was really great fun, and loads of other things went on. Brazilian drumming, French, German and Italian lessons, food tasting, dancing and lots more.

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