Science Week 2002 was one of our busiest theme weeks ever! We had lots and lots af activities going on all with the theme of Science.

Science Week began with a fitness theme. On Monday morning, the whole school assembled on the playground to do some keep fit exercises together, led by Mrs Keller, Mrs Voyce and some Year 6 children.
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We had fruit donated by local businesses so that each child had free fruit for a break time snack for some of Science Week. Thank you to the Hilton Coventry and Sainsburys.

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Also visiting us were some people from Brandon Marsh Enviromental Centre who did some work with Years 1, 3 and 5 about animal relationships. See another picture

We also had visitors from the Leicester Space Centre with their portable inflatable SpaceDome! They did some work with Years 2, 4 and 6 about the Earth, Moon and Stars including a visit inside the dome to see star constellations.

Sainsburys sent some vititors to see us during Science Week to talk about balanced diets and healthy eating. They brought free samples of fruits, fruit drinks and healthy snacks which was very popular! See picture 2 See picture 3

On each day of the week, one year group carried out a survey to find out lots of information about the children of Good Shepherd school. Then each class presented the data on a chart to show the rest of the school. Year 1 found out about birthday months, Year 2 investigated shoe sizes. Year 3 found out about eye and hair colour, Year 4 collected data on the sports we play and how many brothers and sisters we have, Year 5 and 6 investigated height and armspan, and the fruits that we eat. The children found it really interesting to look at the charts, so they are now on display in the reception area! See another picture of the Information charts

Science Circus
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Each class had a challenge for the week that involved Design & Technology. Children had to design and make timer devices or structures or aeroplanes! Year 3 and 4 had to make a structure out of newspaper. Year 3 had to make the tallest structure they could, while Year 4's structure had to support a Creme Egg.
See the Year 3 structures See another picture See another picture

During the week, each class also had some time to use the ICT suite to look at some new Scince CD ROMS and visit some Science Web sites. Go to the Science Week Links page

We finished the week with Mrs Richardson's class performing songs from their Morning of Music for us - on the theme of Healthy Eating!

Thanks to all who helped with Good Shepherd Science Week

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