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UK Xenafest December2004 Quiz
How many can YOU answer??

Round Two - Vaguely Xena Related

1. The recent movie The Bourne Supremacy included 2 Xena old boys. Name them (Karl Urban and Marton Csokas)

2. How many Oscars did LOTR win in 2004? (11)

3. England played NZ at rugby twice last June. Who won the series and what was the score. (2-0 to New Zealand)

4. Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi set up a production company to produce low budget horror films and had a hit with The Grudge - name it.(Ghost House Pictures)

5. Which well loved children’s book is being filmed in NZ right now (not King Kong!) – (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)

6. Who did Lucy snog in a US sitcom this year? (Eric Roberts in Less than Perfect)

7. Who is doing a World Tour of NZ on BBC1 on Saturday evenings right now? (Billy Connolly)

8. How many different varieties of kiwi are there? - 6 (brown, great spotted, little spotted, okarito brown, Southern Tokoeka and Haast Tokoeka)

9. Which NZ film saw its 13 year old star nominated for Best Actress at the 2004 Oscars? (Whale Rider)

10. As the crow flies, how far is it from Leicester to Auckland (11,302miles)

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