One point for each and yes, you do need all parts of each answer- no half marks!

All about Series Two

1. Which two episodes featured Hudson Leick as Xena? (Intimate Stranger and Ten Little Warlords)

2. What did the Horde call water? (Kaltaka)

3. Who is Solon's centaur foster father ? (Kaleipus)

4. How did Xena-lookalike Meg's father die? (He fell off a roof when she was being born)

5. Who were the finalists of the Miss Known World Contest? (Miss Amphipolis, Miss Artiphys, Miss Parnassas, Miss Skiros, Miss Messini)

6. What oil was Xena almost blinded by? (Sumac)

7. Which episode saw the first appearance in the Xenaverse of the goddess Aphrodite? (For Him the Bell Tolls)

8. Which university did Professor Melvin Pappas work for?(University of South Carolina)

9. This warlord was killed by Gabrielle in series two, and by Xena in series one name him.(Mezentius)

10. Who sank without a trace in the quicksand? (Callisto)

Remember your score out of ten.
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