One point for each and yes, you do need all parts of each answer- no half marks!

It's A Toughie!

1. Name three actors that did their own singing in The Bitter Suite. (Lucy Lawless, Ted Raimi, Kevin Smith, Willa O'Neil, Julie Moran)

2. Name three characters who have been played by more than one actor. (Xena- Lucy Lawless and Hudson Leick; King Sisyphus- Charles Siebert and Ray Henwood; Perdicus- Anton Bentley and Scott Garrison; Kaleipus- Paul Gittins and Jeff Boyd; Hecuba -Linda Jones and Lisa Crittenden; Callisto- Hudson Leick and Lucy Lawless; Argo?? Tilly, Barbara and Mac; Robert Tapert?? Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell ;Octavius (Colin Moy and Mark Warren); Brutus (David Franklin and two other guys); Hades (Erik Thompson and Stephan Lovatt); Solon (David Taylor and the kid in God Fearing Child - Nicko Vella). Did I miss anyone?)

3. What was the name of Lucy Lawless' character in Hercules and the Amazon Women and which famous Greek did she snog? (Lysia and she kissed Zeus played by Anthony Quinn - best known as Zorba the Greek)

4. Add together; the number of naked dancing Gabrielles, the number of finalists in the Miss Known World contest and the number of toes Gabrielle was born with. (3 + 5 + 11 = 19)

5. According to Lucy Lawless, how do you spell Xena's battle cry? (ALALALALA or A LA LA LA not YIYYIYIYI)

6. What was special about the soldier who broke Xena's legs in Destiny? (He was played by Lucy's brother Daniel Ryan)

7. Name all the Xena episodes Salmoneus has appeared in. (The Black Wolf, The Greater Good, Here She Comes ..Miss Amphipolis)

8. Who were Arleia and Pankos? (Callisto's parents)

9. Mark Fergusson has played three baddies in four different episodes. Name the characters. (Krykus- Hooves and Harlots and Remember Nothing, Dagnine in Orphan of War, John Smythe in The Xena Scrolls)

10. How many episodes of Xena:Warrior Princess were there altogether in the first three series? (24 + 22 + 22 = 68)

So, how did you get on then??
Add up your scores for the five rounds and work out your score out of 50.

0-15 Call yourself a fan!? You just aren't trying hard enough.

16-30 Hmm, still a bit to learn about XWP I think.

31-40 Yes, you are a fan alright, but you need to improve you memory a bit

41-50 Well done. You are obviously an obsessive- like me!

I hope you enjoyed this quiz. Mail Me if you think I got something wrong or would like to comment/complain/brag!

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