During that first year, we had many adventures, given these names by our chroniclers:-

  1. Sins of the Past
  2. Chariots of War
  3. Dreamworker
  4. Cradle of Hope
  5. The Path Not Taken
  6. The Reckoning
  7. The Titans
  8. Prometheus
  9. Death in Chains
  10. Hooves and Harlots
  11. The Black Wolf
  12. Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts
  13. Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards
  14. A Fistful of Dinars
  15. Warrior...Princess
  16. Mortal Beloved
  17. Royal Couple of Thieves
  18. The Prodigal
  19. Altared States
  20. Ties That Bind
  21. The Greater Good
  22. Callisto
  23. Deathmask
  24. Is There A Doctor in the House?

Well, obviously the main memory I have from this episode is the meeting with Gabrielle- she even seemed quite keen to ride then. Xena and I were still very new to each other too. She hadn't figured out I was a mare, and I got spooked by that cyclops and ran off and left her. A shameful thing for a warhorse to do I know. Still, the bridge was a rickety one, and cyclopses are renowned for their, shall we say, 'presence'. Well I suppose bathing is hard when you are that big.

Xena got hit by an arrow in this one, and while she was on my back too! I was a bit worried about her, and I am also not too keen on blood. Once again Gabrielle rode me when we were trying to stop the nasty chariot driving baddies. I hate those type too. Poor chariot horses have a hard time, I know. I also remember Gabrielle moaning about me being too tall at the end of this adventure. Huh! Do I moan about her being too short? I think not!

Xena managed fairly well without me for most of this adventure. Another baddie to fight etc etc, although I did get a bit shaken up when Xena started yelling for Gabrielle who had mysteriously disappeared. Happy ending- of course.

I don't like babies, they smell funny and are noisy! Xena and Gabrielle found one and I had to carry the little tyke for a bit. Thankfully we soon reached King Gregor's castle and Xena sorted it out without needing me. Nice stables, although they were a bit mean with the oats.

Xena was trying to save a kidnapped girl in this one. I got to kick some baddie butt- didn't even mark my new shoes either. Xena and I have a good understanding with those whistles I respond to. I went with Xena to Trakis, but left her to it there. She was very depressed for a while afterwards though because that friend of hers died. Nice singing.

One of my more busy weeks. First Xena and I meet that mysterious hooded warrior who kills a load a villagers and disappears into thin air. Next thing Xena is being accused and we have to make a run for it. Gabrielle was all wet, and Xena covered in blood- I was a right mess! Later when Xena was in prison and accused of the killings, Gabrielle and I had a plan to rescue her. I was going to pull the bars away and free our friend. In the end Xena figured a less strenuous way out. That Ares is a scary one.

Gabrielle made a real effort to look after me in this adventure- very friendly she was. However, Xena was really p***ed that I wasn't ready when she called. A warrior has to be able to count on their steed. I leant to listen more carefully for her whistles after that, no matter how tasty the apples are. Titans are really huge by the way.

I hadn't met Hercules before. Nice man. Big though, and probably heavy. Glad I'm not his horse! Iolaus is more my sort of rider. Anyway, it was a nice to change to have some company for a bit. I never did figure out what happened to the fires though.

So, there we were, travelling along as usual. Suddenly the ground starts to shake, rumblings etc. The these big black stallions appear pulling a black chariot and transporting Hades, God of the Underworld. Handsome devils those stallions, but I didn't care for all that noise and left Xena to sort it out with Hades. During this adventure, Xena and I got to head off without Gabrielle- I do like the girl(now), but its nice to get away and have a nice gallop once in a while.

Sounds like my sort of story, but these hooves were centaurs. Did you know centaurs don't eat hay? Facinating fact #103. Met some friendly amazons- lovely masks ladies, and some not so friendly ones. Gabrielle got a new outfit- now we are all in leather of some sort!

After a while in the same ones, I finally got some new shoes at the beginning of this adventure. Xena had left me with the blacksmith for Gabrielle to pick up. OK so I have a healthy appetite. I thought the blacksmith was a bit rude about me. Anyway, Gabrielle had to find Xena so I hung around for a while waiting. Met a nice boy who fed me carrots and patted my nose.

Have you ever heard of a wooden horse? Well, it wasn't even proper wood, more like wicker. I know that horses and the city of Troy are inextricably linked, but I kept out of the way. It was a war zone, and I wasn't needed for this sort of war.

Gabrielle went off to Athens, Xena and I went cyclops hunting. Strange, but it wasn't quite the same without Gabrielle. Ours was a very uneventful week. Gabrielle returned in time for a confrontation with baddies, and I was surpisingly pleased to see the little dear!

Xena was in a bit of a mood during this adventure. An old boyfriend was one of our companions. The other bloke was a smelly one. He was said to be an assassin. Yeah, that pong could kill at 20 paces!

I though I was going mad for a while. She looked like Xena, but smelt much different even wearing Xena's leathers, and was HOPELESS at riding. Princess Diana was actually rather nice. Never had my tail brushed before. Hope Xena and Gab were watching. Yes please ladies! Great feed at those royal stables. Even more confusing was afterwards when we left, and Xena smelt like Diana- too much perfume!

One of my "mysterious absences!" Xena had a busy time while I munch hay in a secret location.

I am still on vacation.

After having to listen to Gabrielle play those damn pan pipes, I almost wished I was back in that stable. We got attacked- now there's a surprise- but it seemed to shake Gabrielle up because she left us to go home. Xena was worried sick about her and after a few days we headed back her way and met up again. Even I was glad to see her after having to cope with Xena's moods.

Gabrielle is a strange girl sometimes. She went REALLY funny on us for a while during this adventure and started talking to rocks and things. Xena did one of those flying somersaults from my back when trying to lose some pursuing thugs. I wish she wouldn't- it chafes. And I got left with the baddies. Only a bit of frisky bucking stoppped them from taking out their annoyance on me.

Well I didn't trust him for a minute! This guy? He claimed to be Xena's dad, but if only I could talk I could have told her. The gods have a different smell to them. Anyway, Xena figured it out eventually.

One of my greatest adventures. Gabrielle was trying out her staff fighting on me- well, waving it front of my nose. Not sure what she expected me to do. I saved them about three times in this adventure. First when Xena went down against Talmadeus for the first time and me and Gab saved her. Then I rescued Gabrielle when she got a bit too bold in the baddies camp. Finally, I talked that other horse into standing still when they wanted us to tear Xena limb from limb. I also did a bit of comforting when Gab thought Xena was dead. Yes, this was a really busy adventure, and that fizzy water had me belching for weeks - Xena wasn't amused.

NOT one of my favourite people. Callisto hates everything to do with Xena - including me. I got to have a really good gallop across the sand when we chased her down. I then had to carry the witch after Xena apprehended her, and she kept booting me in the ribs. It was only my sweet and sunny nature that stopped me from bucking her off. That and Xena would have been annoyed.

I didn't know she had another brother either, but there was certainly a family resemblance. Toris was OK. I quite liked him, although he was not much of a warrior- he's family. Xena and I are like that. Wonder if we'll bump into him again.

I was glad to be out of this one - war zones are fine if you are in battle, but trying to creep around when you're my size? Not much fun.

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