Me at my best, although Xena and Gabrielle keep getting in the way!

Me, Xena and that saddlehorn!The soft and sensitive look
Xena still has a lot to learn about horse riding.Gabrielle loves full moon times!
Me after a heavy night!Now what is wrong with this picture?
A nice portrait of me and Gab looking a bit glum One of my favourite pictures of me and Xena
Yeah, I had to put him in somewhere. What a hero!I am so photogenic!
A stable is a stable is a stable..Now do you REALLY think this is Xena?
Princess Diana's horsemanship gets a comment from meMy tail will never forget Princess Diana!
Classic Argo and friends photoOne for the album..oh, this IS the album
Now I KNOW that costume...Gabrielle suffers while Xena plots- this was a good one.
Xena looks too, Gab is no rider...and I thought I was Xena's horse!
What a beauty! Nice little action shot
Confused? Me and Gab were.(The Callisto thingy) Fabulous hey? Xena looks OK too

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