The second year of our travels together was an equally exciting and varied one. The adventures we had were given these names:-

  1. Orphan of War
  2. Remember Nothing
  3. Giant Killer
  4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  5. Return of Callisto
  6. Warrior..Princess..Tramp
  7. Intimate Stranger
  8. Ten Little Warlords
  9. A Solstice Carol
  10. The Xena Scrolls
  11. Here She Comes..Miss Amphipolis
  12. Destiny
  13. The Quest
  14. A Necessary Evil
  15. A Day in the Life
  16. For Him the Bell Tolls
  17. The Execution
  18. Blind Faith
  19. Ulysses
  20. The Price
  21. Lost Mariner
  22. Comedy of Eros

You know, I find centaurs a real puzzle. They might be half horse, but I haven't found one yet who spoke MY language. Anyway, it was quite a surprise to me and Gabrielle that Xena had a son. Still, seeing as Xena loves horses so much I guess centaurs were a good choice to raise her boy. Wonder if we'll see him again?

A trip to the temple of fates and a bit of a fight. That's all me and Gab thought happened. Xena had this story about an alternate time line, (I didn't seem to be around from what she said.) I think she's been watching too much Star Trek.

Xena has such a variety of friends. Quite strange when she was supposed to have been such a nasty warlord that we keep meeting buddies of hers. Goliath was certainly big, bigger than that cyclops we met a while back. I helped with the fighting as usual. I seem to have to carry Xena AND Gabrielle a lot these days.

A strange adventure this one. First those wolves- very spooky, then that head. Orpheus needed Xena's help to, well, find his body among other things. He was another of my passengers. Very tasty hay they used for a body for him! Joxer joined us again, Gabrielle turned into a Bacchae, Xena fought some dryads. Yeah, an action packed one.

Oh no! My least favourite person! Yes, Joxer was not really, I mean Callisto of course. The big event in this adventure was Gabrielle getting married. I like a nice wedding- usually a decent nosebag for a loyal horse. Gabrielle looked cute in her dress, but the boots didn't really go. Anyway, I thought it was going to be just me and Xena for a bit, but we had to race in and save Gabrielle, although poor old Perdicus didn't make it. Gabs was pretty upset, and Xena learnt more about chariot racing as she went after Callisto. Not quite sure what happened, but Xena came back alone. I'm glad Gabrielle is still with us. I'll try and be nice to her for a bit.

We saw that nice Princess Diana again, although she didn't pay much attention to me. She had a baby that she cooed over instead. There was another one who looked like Xena, named Meg. Now she definitely smelt different. Cheap perfume and beer seemed to be her preferred fragrance. Xena and I missed a lot of this adventure- Gabrielle filled us in, but at least I got to say hello to Bob the stable man at King Lias' again.

This was one of the most memorable adventures I have had with Xena. Painful too. We were on the trail of Callisto's army, but something really wierd happened. Somehow Callisto swapped bodied with Xena. I could tell straight away that something was wrong. I tried to warn Gabrielle, and tell her that the woman in the leather wasn't our Xena. You could see it in her eyes. Anyway, next thing, she sends Gabrielle away and comes at me. That gleam in her eyes still gives me nightmares. I thought I was a goner! The pain was really bad. As I lay there and prepared for the Elysian Fields (well, there are fields, there must be horses!) Callisto turned up. Well..Xena in Callisto's body. I wasn't in any condition to do much, but I knew it was my Xena. She was pretty upset, but the great healer that she is, she fixed me up. Joxer also turned up. I know he is annoying sometimes, but that man has a heart of gold. He was prepared to protect me against Callisto. Idiot. Anyway, I missed most of the fun later, but thanks to Xena(in Callisto's body) I recovered fully. It was a bit disconcerting though, because she was still in that body for the next few weeks. Creepy.(BTW, look out for those numbers on my right shoulder in the final scene.)

Xena was still trapped in Callisto's body and I was still confused and a bit sore from the injuries I got from Callisto, so I was glad to leave this one to the gals. I hear Ares needed Xena's help. I had a particularly nice stable, with no drafts and very tasty oats, so I was happy, although the stable lad was a bit stroppy.

You know, I am no snob, but Gabrielle thought that mangy little donkey was as clever as me!! Just because he had been trained to respond to a few commands - a parrot can do as much. I didn't get a word of sense out of the beast, and I was very glad Gabrielle passed him onto that young couple. What sort of a name is Tobias anyway?

A complete blank. No idea what this was about as I have no recollection of any scrolls adventure at all. What are glasses? Who are Janice and Mel?

I think Xena looks pretty good as a blond. We had a lovely walk along a really pretty beach. I like the sea. Salmoneus is not my favourite friend - he has no empathy for horses, unless we are a profit making concern, but I know he is a friend to Xena. The Miss Known World contest was strange. Why did they need a competition to tell them Xena was the best? She has many skills you know.

A very grim episode in our travels together. Xena was injured really badly, and I had to act as pack horse again, but I didn't mind. We had to head up to the snowy mountains to try and save Xena. Poor little Gabrielle was desperate. She was injured too, but she was ever so brave and kept on walking. When we got to that healer's hut, I was worn out and got a quick feed bag, but the waiting to see how Xena was, was awful. I could barely eat the hay and only managed a few oats. I knew as soon as I saw Gabrielle. Xena was dead. What were we going to do? If I could, I would have cried...

Me and Gabrielle were in shock. She couldn't be dead. Gabrielle had promised to take Xena back to Amphipolis - quite a way, but I didn't mind how heavy the sarcophagus was. We met Iolaus - nice man - and then the Amazons. I always had a soft spot for Ephiny, well she married a centaur so she obviously likes 4 legged creatures. The other one was shifty though. Velasca they called her. Well, we went to the Amazon village and were all set to give Xena an Amazon funeral, when Autolycus appeared. I don't really know him, but the strangest thing happened. He whistled for me EXACTLY like Xena did! I recognised the tone and went running. The next thing I knew, he was leaping onto me, and I knew that it was Xena - horse sense I guess. More haulage as we dragged the coffin, Xena's body and Gabrielle and made our escape. There was lots of action in the hall of Ambrosia, but all that mattered to me and Gab was that Xena came back. I was so happy. She is an amazing woman, and I was so glad to have her back.

Our Amazon adventure didn't end there. Gabrielle was taking over as queen - yes very odd when you think about it, especially as she had no intention of moving in with them. Well, that Velasca came back. I knew there was something dodgy about her. However, worse was to follow. Callisto returned!! I couldn't believe Xena would suggest such a thing after what she had done to me. Gabrielle thought the same thing, but I think her objection had more to do with Perdicas. I spent most of this adventure in the Amazon's stables, but what with the chaos caused by Velasca, us horses passed on all the gossip as we grazed in a quite nice field, the stables having been wrecked by an unexpected lightning bolt.

We went to a nice little village and defeated another Giant. Xena and Gabrielle played one of their word games. Sometimes it's rock, parchment, dagger. Other times it's I-Spy. This time it was Twenty Questions, although Xena always cheats. Gabrielle often practices her story telling for me as Xena gets fed up with eight or nine attempts at the same story. Gab says she needs a few goes to get it right. I find it amusing enough. We met a nice couple named Minya and Hower. Not to bright either of them, but eager to please. I was glad Xena dealt with that Giant herself. I am not too keen on people bigger than trees!

Me and Xena went off to see King Lias and that nice Princess Diana again, while Gabrielle and Joxer had their own little adventure. It was Diana and Philemon's wedding - Xena was keeping an eye on security. Bob the stable man was really pleased to see me. I get a special carrot and apple welcome, a really good brush down and the nicest stall in the stable. I think he likes me!

We met up with an old pal of Gabrielle's named Meleager. As usual, when we meet old friends, he needed help after getting himself convicted of a murder. Xena and Gabrielle had a bit of a falling out. They also insisted on BOTH riding me. Good job I was feeling fit. Anyway, Xena sorted things out as usual. I hope they don't fall out again though. Nasty vibes.

Well, the strain of carrying Xena and Gabrielle really told. A sprained fetlock meant I was laid up for weeks and missed all the rest of the adventures. I heard about them though. This one was the one where Gab was kidnapped and Xena went blind. Bet they could have used me. I was in agony with my injury. I'm a thoroughbred not a cart horse.

As soon as they dump me they head for the seas! In this adventure they helped the legendary hero Ulysses regain his kingdom Ithaca. Funny I thought he was called Odysseus? Fetlock still very sore. Stable a bit chilly and the only other horse in the place was no conversationalist.

Glad I missed this one. Xena and Gabrielle fought the Horde, a deadly tribe of mysterious warriors. I was feeling a bit better, still limping a bit though. The stable owner could do with a bath and he doesn't brush me very thoroughly. A new pony has arrived for me to patronize.

More sailing adventures as the girls met Cecrops, the lost mariner of legend, who is cursed to sail the seas forever after annoying a god. Naturally, Xena helped break the curse. I was feeling much better at this point, just the odd twinge. A cold spell has resulted in a slight chill. Hurry up Xena!

This sounds a strange one. Xena fell in love with Draco, Gabrielle with Joxer, Draco with Gabrielle, Joxer with Gabrielle too. Shame I missed out on this lovefest. I was back to 100% and just waiting for Xena to come and get me. The village where I was being stabled was rather dull after a couple of months. No carrots or apples and the oats were stale.

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