A Pictures from our third year.Who needs on screen lottery numbers- just look at my shoulder!!

  1. The Furies
  2. Been There, Done That
  3. The Dirty Half Dozen
  4. The Deliverer
  5. Gabrielle's Hope
  6. The Debt I(Betrayal)
  7. The Debt II
  8. King of Assassins
  9. Warrior..Priestess..Tramp
  10. The Quill is Mightier
  11. Maternal Instincts
  12. The Bitter Suite
  13. One Against an Army
  14. Forgiven
  15. King Con
  16. When in Rome
  17. Forget Me Not
  18. Fins, Femmes and Gems
  19. Vanishing Act
  20. Tsunami
  21. Sacrifice 1
  22. Sacrifice 2

Well, our third year together got off to a bizarre start. Xena went REALLY strange for a while. She started running around with no clothes on and doing wierd things. Strangest of all, she kept calling me "horsie" and Gabrielle, "Mavis". I don't like being ridden backwards. We went back to Amphipolis and said hi to Cyrene, not a great horse lover, but she's Xena's mother so I was nice to her.

This was another non-adventure for me really. We arrive in a small town, Xena, Gabrielle and I share a rather cosy stable, next day Xena does her usual array of wild and crazy things to solve everyone's problems. I don't know how she knew everything about those people. Later I learnt Xena had lived the same day about 15 times! I even got killed during one of those days-glad I forgot that. How come all these things happen to us?

Meeting Xena's old pals is sometimes nice and sometimes not. This lot were in the "not" camp. We were battling Ares(again) and another power hungry warlord- so nothing much new. Having 4 extras around the camp fire turned out to be a bit different. For a start they didn't come around the camp fire, stood there threatening each other all night. And I thought only horses slept standing up?

Xena and Gabrielle got the travel bug. After meeting up with some prisoners from Brittania, Xena decided they wanted to go visit the place. I went as far as the boat. After that I was abandoned! OK, so not exactly abandoned. Xena wouldn't do that to me, but a port isn't a lot of fun for a horse. I had a bad feeling about saying goodbye to Xena and Gabrielle, and I was right. My stable was terrible. There was a draught, not enough food, fresh water only when the owner remembered. I just hope Xena and Gabrielle aren't having too good a time!

No idea what they did, I was still suffering- sometimes it's hard being a horse.

I was so glad to see Xena and Gab again, although they seemed a little subdued. I'm sure I'll pick up what's wrong soon. Well, before you know it we were off on another long journey. We headed east, and let me tell you, after a couple of weeks of a sea breeze around your hooves it was good to be on the go. I did have to carry Xena, Gabrielle and a couple of thick coats though. We arrived at a distant port(I hate the sea!), and Xena just left us! I was almost as annoyed as Gabrielle. Oh no, another stable by the sea! I thought Gab would wait with me, but soon after that she left too. Is this a trio or not you two!

Another week of waiting around. Not even a postcard! Gabrielle chose fairly well at least. My stable was with these foreign ponies. Not much conversation, but at least we kept warm.

You know, we horses are sensitive creatures. I could tell Xena wasn't quite herself. They arrived back from their trip even more subdued. The journey back to Greece was quiet, but I did manage to work out that Xena and Gabrielle had a few unresolved issues. We got back to find that Joxer was in more trouble. Xena was on the hunt for a warlord, and I was very happy when we left Gabrielle and Joxer to go find him. Just me and Xena for a bit. She was still tense about whatever it was, but a good gallop does wonders for the soul! We got back in time to save Cleopatra from an assassin who looked remarkably like Joxer- smelt better though.

Talking of lookalikes...even I am getting confused with all these Xena ladies. The latest was an easy spot though. She is a priestess- just follow the incense scent. We met up with Meg again (different cheap perfume and stale ale). By the way I was not around for this adventure- another of my mysterious disappearances.

Gabrielle has many skills. Here she suddenly is able to make what she writes come true with the help of a special scroll from Aphrodite. I guess she must have written, "Argo disappears into thin air", as I am once again absent. Shame as this one sounds like fun.

Now here is one adventures I am GLAD I missed. Solan might have a bad hairdo, but he was family. I was really sad to hear about him, but not too upset to have missed Callisto. As I have said before, not one of my favourite people. Xena and Gabrielle went to a centaur village- maybe Xena was worried I would be too pretty for all those horses.(Not the centaurs though- we DON'T mix!) I hear Gabrielle had a daughter that everyone met briefly at the village. Wonder if she likes horses?

I return! Unfortunately I wish I hadn't. Xena was in a REALLY bad mood. She reappeared out of no where, but covered in snowflakes, grabs my tack, and the next thing we are racing like mad things to the Amazon village. 'Oh good, lets get Gab and get going!' I think. NO WAY! Xena was like a woman possessed. She actually whipped me as we raced in to the Amazon village. I was very annoyed and will be having words with her...when she's calmed down. Xena whacked Ephiny(aahh!) and Joxer(well..OK) before dragging Gabrielle off by the feet! She must have known I wouldn't do that to Gab as she took an Amazon horse. I was left in that village as the two of them disappeared towards a high cliff. A lot of very annoyed Amazons, let me tell you. Glad they didn't blame me.

A close shave this one. Xena and Gabrielle got caught between the Persian Army and Greece- Xena had to slow them down while Gab was suffering from a poisoned arrow wound. I thought this really was the end of our partnership. Xena came out and took off all my tack and told me to run away- she normally keeps track of what I am doing, but I could tell she thought this was going to be it! Thankfully after a few days of running around she came looking for me, and we were OK. I am not cut out to be a wild horse anymore.

Met a horrible obnoxious girl that for some reason Xena liked. Me and Gab were as one- not our sort at all. I was a bit put out that Xena just handed my bridle to the brat to hold when we had only just met her, and the girl had beaten up poor old Gab. Still, she turned out to be OK- she even got chatting to me, although I think she was just trying to impress Xena.

You know, Gabrielle seems to ride me as much as Xena these days! Poor girl had sprained her ankle again- she must have a weakness there- and we were meeting up with Joxer. Well, it was crocks together as he was also in a bad way after getting beaten up. Xena and Gab hooked up with a couple of dodgy con men. They were no good at all. I am getting a bit worried about Xena's judgement. First that business with the whip and then dragging Gabrielle around, the horrid bratty girl and now this rakish cad. She must be getting more tolerant of prats!

Now here's an odd thing! I got to go to Rome with Xena and Gabrielle! Normally a sea voyage means Argo discovers a new grotty stable. However, I got to experience Rome too. I am not a big fan of boats- know how Gab feels now. Xena was a bit stroppy here. I think it was that man with the funny name that gets her upset. Julian Ceasard? Anyway, survived even if the ladies were a bit tense.

Me and Xena wandered around a for a bit. She was distracted about something as we meandered about. I could tell she was concerned about Gabrielle. She keeps having these nightmares, and Xena knew she had to work it out for herself. We caught up with her and Joxer near a temple. She seemed better. Good.

Xena let me roam free while they went chasing after a stolen gem. Joxer was around and I know Aphrodite was involved too. Nice weather and I found an apple tree to keep me happy.

Nothing for me to do- we were at a port, and Xena and Gabrielle disappeared for a bit, turning up very wet and tired. I think Autolycus was around too.

Yes, Autolycus WAS around. Me and Xena left Gabrielle for a day and when we met up at this town, they had had their big gold statue stolen. Autolycus was around but for once he HADN'T stolen it. They all disappeared on the boat again. I seem to be doing a lot of waiting around- again!

You just can't keep a bad woman down! Callisto returned again, and so did Hope. Two of my least favourites. We were trying to help an old friend of Gabrielle's who was involved in some sort of cult when Callisto turned up. I kept out of her way, but Xena didn't- naturally. Anyway, it turns out Hope is coming back after Gabrielle killed her. She is being reborn or something, so Xena needs to stop her. We do a lot of racing around in this one.

Well, I can hardly neigh! Gabrielle's daughter definitely takes after her mother in looks, but apart from that is more of a daddy's girl. It's a long story, involving Callisto(hiss!), Hope, a brat called Seraphin and Ares. Joxer turned up- he was a bit of a hero for once but....well...I just can't believe it. Gabrielle, little Gabby, my favourite bard is gone! She dived into this fiery pit to save Xena! We are both devastated. How will we manage? Who will earn the money to buy my oats? I hope Xena has a plan to get her back.

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