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Season Two

I have not seen all of S2 episodes uncut either. Most of the cuts mentioned here were by Sky One; Channel 5's showings revealed what had been missed, although they edited too sometimes. Assume I am talking about Sky most of the time...
I am probably missing loads. Do EMAIL me


= heavily cut.
= quite a few cuts.
= one or two cuts.

Orphan of War

Bad cuts to Xena's fringe...oh..sorry. Sky's repeats of some S2 episodes a while back were awful! This one missed out a lot near the end. We didn't see Xena chakramming a bad guy in the chest to save Gabrielle, we missed the details of how she killed Dagnon after he became the Centaur super baddie with the pole in the chest. C5 replaced these bits.

Remember Nothing

Its the neck thing again! The cuts each time is when Xena and Gabrielle are escaping from the kitchens and Xena gets a guard tied up by the neck and he is dangling while the rope burns. C5 also cut this. Sky's rerun butchering also skipped off Gabrielle killing Mezentius and saying "here's your sweet thing." It also had a much less bloody opening fight, particularly when Xena killed the young boy. Nice hair cut for Xena this time!

Giant Killer

Not a great episode, and not one I have watched terribly closely for cuts. Any ideas?

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Another of the notoriously cut ones. Sky really REALLY butchered this one first time round. TJ Scott's dizzying camera work also meant C5 skipped a bit too. The main complaint was the famous bite (left) which for some reason Sky edited out. We wondered why all the subtext fans loved this ep! The fight between Xena and the Bacchae who stole Orpheus' lyre was cut very heavily probably for scariness! Sky were showing it at 6pm. Much of the scene in Bacchus' lair was cut by Sky for its disturbing lighting and imagery presumably. Blood being spilt when Bacchus cuts his own hand for the Bacchae to drink was skipped, and the part where Xena and Gabrielle are turned back into themselves was cut by Sky and Channel 5. There are a lot of flashing strobe type lighting effects which may account for this. A recent repeat by Sky on Wednesday at 8pm however, gave us this episode totally uncut!!

Return of Callisto

The opening scene in the jail was edited by Sky. I think Callisto's attack on the guards was cut, and there was also a bit with Callisto telling Theodorus to bring the chair she was being held captive in. Also, one of my favourite blooper-ish bits, when Xena is being held in the chair, she struggles and one of the manacles clearly comes free. Lucy showing Xena-like strength? Also look out for the bendy feet when Xena swings into action in that same scene.


Xena's encounter with the drunken bums in the bar have a rather funny Glasgow kiss edited by Sky.(That's a head butt!) Smutty jokes are not affected by the censor's scissors!

Intimate Stranger

Horse violence cut here! Yes, Argo is cut up by Callsto (in Xena's body) and Sky spared us the gory sight of Argo's wounded belly as Xena (in Callisto's body) healed her. The opening nightmare dream within a dream for Xena was cut too where she sees her bloodied hands although we never do see her stick her sword in Callisto. The other main cut was when Callisto (in Xena's body) kills Theodorus then wipes his blood on another man. All missing from the first Sky version, although different showing have had different amounts cut from this scene. Look out for those numbers on Argo's shoulder in the very last scene as Joxer is checking her over.

Ten Little Warlords

Some violence by Gabrielle was cut as she fights with the villagers at the start. Some of the warlords killing each other was edited a bit I believe. This was another shown totally uncut by Sky recently.

A Solstice Carol

Not any cuts that I can think of.

The Xena Scrolls

Possibly one of the "bastard" cuts. I think Janice calls someone a bastard...not sure though. A few minor cuts for violence when Ares kills Smythe I think. And yes, that IS Mr Lucy, Rob Tapert at the end. Where did he get that beard!

Here She Comes, Miss Amphipolis

No cuts from what I recall. I like this episode though.


Sky tv HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME!!! The one that REALLY made us mad! Sky cut a lot from this one first time round including THE pivotal moment in Xena's life! Firstly, the bits where Xena is injured and dragged up to Nicklio's cabin by Gabrielle are variously snipped for Xena's distressing condition and cross eyed act. The cuts really start though with M'Lila. Her opening fight is edited a bit, but the part where she teaches Xena about pressure points is shortened from about 2 or 3 minutes to about 20 seconds. Another case of the pressure points being disliked by the censor. The real daft cut was when Caesar had Xena crucified. As he walks away he says to a soldier, "break her legs". (BTW Lucy's brother Daniel plays that soldier) The soldier then swings a huge mallet and we hear Lucy's best agonising scream, but never did see the hammer hit her. Sky just skipped the leg break, making you wonder why she was so weedy later and not able to fight better. The leg break was also crucial to Xena, the character's, development in the episode The Debt.
Sky's shame continued with the end fight when the Romans find Nicklios' hut and M'lila is killed. Xena goes nuts, and once again, the death of this friend on her behalf was sort of important! Sky missed off most of this fight as Xena uses her newly learnt pressure points to kill in a far more vicious way than ever before. This was one we were waiting for them to show unedited, but they haven't. (C5 did though, pretty much.)

The Quest

Less gory stuff, so both Sky and C5 showed this one relatively unscathed.

A Necessary Evil

The nasty Velasca was a memorable baddie. The main cuts that I can remember in this episode were when Velasca has Gabrielle cornered and is about to kill her. Not sure what was cut now though...I remember watching it on C5 though and noticing extra bits. HELP! When Xena pulle Callisto out of the old castle she was trapped in there was an edited bit. Callisto demonstrated her invulnerability by sticking her sword through her own belly. Not seen on Sky that bit.

A Day in the Life

A big fan favourite with few cuts. One notable change - although done by the studio - is when Minya talks about "that Callisto witch", when you can clearly see Allison Wall say "bitch". Also look out for Renee fluffing her final line in the bathtub scene. "I'm not as competitive un you are". Huh?

For Him the Bell Tolls

Ted's favourite episode is not mine. Can't say I have watched it closely enough to spot cuts...

The Execution

Sky's original showing had cuts near the start for descriptions of violence I think or maybe it was for a toy scaffold? Have to dif out the C5 version and check. I remember that we didn't see the writer's name as those frames had been edited!

Blind Faith

Not too many cuts from what I remember. Maybe when Xena puts the pinch on Palaemon? Another studio edit to look out for. The baddie calls Vidalis a fishcake near the end before he whacks him over the head. However watch the actors lips. He says "fruitcake", but as Vidalis was a fairly obviously gay character, this was obviously changed.


Now why couldn't they have cut this one! One of the duller episodes is pretty much intact. Shame.

The Price

An action packed episode that had several cuts for violence. The disturbing opening section with floating dead men and strung up soldiers had a few minor cuts I believe. One that was a glaringly obvious cut was when Xena in interrogating the Horde member. From the jerky cuts I thought she was torturing him, but it was just the pinch that the censor doesn't like. Near the start, Xena is trying to raise morale and yells, "we're gonna kill em all!" Just before that, a line was cut due to the use of the word "bastard". Something like, 'we're not going to let those bastards win'. C5 restored it though. There are probably more edits in this ep. Anyone remember them?

Lost Mariner

Not sure on this one. Was the bit at the start cut when the man brought on board with Gabrielle gets killed when he tried to escape? Can't remember any others.

A Comedy of Eros

Another one that I cannot remember too many drastic cuts. Well, I can't remember any actually.

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