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Season Four

I have seen all of series 4 thanks to Joann, so I SHOULD know the cuts! I am probably missing some still though! Do EMAIL me

Only on Sky so far, and generally speaking, the cuts were less this season although lets think....


= heavily cut.
= quite a few cuts.
= one or two cuts.

Adventures in the Sin Trade 1&2

This brilliantly ambitious opening to S4 did have a few cuts. The first was when Xena remembers her past with Borias. The US version saw some fairly noisy under the bearskin love action! Sky actually edited quite well - no fade to black this time! However, no grunting and gyrating on view. The scene where Xena kills all the Amazons was cut quite a bit. Mainly the bodies being skewered on branches and the squelchy noises. One bit we KNEW wouldn't be seen in much detail was when Alti is collecting the dead Cyane's blood as it drips out. Sky shifted the camera so we didn't see her hanging there. The end fight between Xena and Alti had cuts when Xena has blood coming out of the nail holes in her hand thanks to Alti giving her visions of her future. From what I remember, though, Xena putting on and taking off the pinch was not cut this time.

A Family Affair

Not too many cuts here. A few of the skinned corpses hanging up near Joxer at the end were cut I think. The destroyer kills Hope, and we missed the blood pouring down her back. I think that was it.

In Sickness and in Hell

Gabrielle, the foul mouthed thing, got cut. Discussing the bugs she says "that'll get rid of the little buggers." I wonder if the Kiwis slipped that in. Anyway, Sky cut it out. The very funny bunny fight was also cut quite a bit. The US version has Gabrielle battle the psycho bunny by punching it and banging against a tree to try and dislodge it from her. Maybe Sky were worried children would bash their bunnies? Anyway, it get edited.

A Good Day

Not sure on this one. Probably some cuts to all those battle scenes.

A Tale of Two Muses

Can't remember any offhand.

Locked Up and Tied Down

The neck thing again! One of the women prisoners is hung, and we see little of it. Similarly, Gabrielle is almost hung near the end. It is the ropes around the necks our censor doesn't like. Xena kills considerably less rats on Sky, also Gabrielle being hit on the head by the chief guard was cut.


Another one I am sure there were some cuts to, but I can't remember. Possibly in the fight where Najara beats Xena.

Past Imperfect

Borias' last episode was a good one. A few cuts here. When Xena is remembering the way Dagnine killed the soldiers of Corinth and threw them in the river, the stabbings were much shortened. We also missed seeing how Kaleipus lost that eye! Xena's knife throw at him was diverted by Borias but not very well as it got him in the eye. Sky cut that part. Finally, the fight between Borias and Dagnine had the gorier bits cut. The fingers in the stab wound, the burning stick and Dagnine twisting the sword in Borias' back were all edited out.

Key to the Kingdom

I must be honest, I have only watched this one once or twice so I am in the dark over any cuts.

Daughter of Pomira

The fight between Xena and Milo (a pointless character) was edited a little from what I remember. Not sure about the rest.

If the Shoe Fits

This fun fairy tale was unscathed I believe.

Paradise Found

The bloodier bits were cut. When Xena is giving Gabrielle a massage and her nose is bleeding, she has visions of herself nailing Gab to the cross. We get images of the nails going in, but Sky has shortened versions of this. When Aidan is killed, the sword going into him was cut a bit I think too.


Convulsions again. The woman who is possessed at the start has lots that are cut, as does Gabrielle near the end. The magic act Eli performs features fairly obviously plastic bits of a cut of body, but it takes you a second or two to realise as Sky edited it slightly. Another one is when Xena initially confronts Gab about being Tataka, her eyes go whizzing from right to left in a very scary fashion.

Between the Lines

Some cuts here. When Alti is giving Gabrielle the visions of her death, we don't see the details of the crucifixion, and as in Sin Trade, the marks of the nails on her hands are not shown. Too stigmata like? I think Xena's beating by Alti is shorter too.

The Way

HAH! As you should know, this episode was withdrawn from the schedules. I have seen the recut version but I think there will be more cuts when and if Sky do show it. This is quite a violent episode.

The Play's the Thing

Due to technical problems, we didn't see this episode properly on Sky. The damn tape stopped or something! Not too much cut apart from one funny line in the hot tub scene. "Xena's", 'I'm all wet' was missing.

The Convert

The opening fight scene in the temple was edited a fair bit as it was quite bloody. Joxer's killing of that warlord also edited out some gushing of blood. Xena and Najara's tree tops fight missed out a few bits. Was there a head butt in there? Possibly. The stab Xena gets in is not clear even in the US version.

Takes One to Know One

No cuts by Sky I think.


Amarice looked like a very weedy fighter on Sky. This was because her style of fighting involved two daggers and lots of stabbing which was cut out. Just about all her fight scenes were affected. Also, Xena kills a lot more soldiers in that fight in the woods that Sky didn't show. Again, the cuts were for the violent methods of killing. We never did see Pompey's head rolling, so no cut there!

Ides of March

Some parts of the US got an edited episode! At the start Caesar has a dream about him and Xena in bed, and we missed Xena bouncing around on top of him. The main cuts were in the dramatic scene where Gab goes on a killing spree after Xena is crippled. The US version has a couple of extra victims, plus a bloody knife and drops of blood on her face as she realises what she is doing.

Deja Vu All Over Again

Renee O'Connor's clip show was uncut I believe.

And that's it!

We'll see how S5 is treated sometime in the new year.

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