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UK Xenafest April 2004 Quiz
How many can YOU answer??

Round Three - More Xena

1. What ‘affectionate’ nicknames did Xena and Gabreille use for each other in In Sickness and in Hell? Scabrielle and Ex-cma

2. Who cut Gabrielle’s hair? (Xena in Between The Lines and a Roman in When Fates Collide)

3. Which Xena ep has the longest title? (Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards)

4. In which ep does Gabrielle suggest that Xena should dye her hair? (Ten Little Warlords)

5. In When Fates Collide, guard Joxer and Xena both made the same comment about Gabrielle’s play. What was it? (Could have used a few more fight scenes)

6. Which two S4 Xena episode get their titles from Shakespeare? (Hamlet -The Play’s the Thing; Ides of March – Julius Caesar)

7. The characters of Crustacea and Hagar appeared in which alleged comedy? (Married With Fishsticks)

8. Who was Akemi’s father? (Yodoshi)

9. What was Kevin Smith and Ted Raimi’s last Xena episode? (Soul Possession)

10. Who killed Perdicas? (Callisto)

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