It's A Toughie!

1. Name three actors that did their own singing in The Bitter Suite.

2. Name three characters who have been played by more than one actor.

3. What was the name of Lucy Lawless' character in Hercules and the Amazon Women and which famous Greek did she snog?

4. Add together; the number of naked dancing Gabrielles, the number of finalists in the Miss Known World contest and the number of toes Gabrielle was born with.

5. According to Lucy Lawless, how do you spell Xena's battle cry?

6. What was special about the soldier who broke Xena's legs in Destiny?

7. Name all the Xena episodes Salmoneus has appeared in.

8. Who were Arleia and Pankos?

9. Mark Fergusson has played three baddies in four different episodes. Name the characters.

10. How many episodes of Xena:Warrior Princess were there altogether in the first three series?

How were they? A bit harder or not? Check out the Answers and don't forget your scores

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