the intrepid trio

All right, well, my companions(I hate the term owner!) are probably well known to you already. I mean Xena is probably one of the best known people in Greece. You can't mistake her for anyone else now can you. The leather is a bit of a give away.

give us a kissAs I said, Xena and I go back quite a way. She knows how to look after a horse, and has lovely hands-(that's a horsey term for being gentle with the reins.) Xena expects a lot from a horse, I have to carry around quite a lot of gear, even more since we hooked up with Gabrielle, and that saddle is heavy let me tell you. But Xena always knows when to take a rest, and is a genius at horse medicine. She learnt more of my commands and whistles and she and I communicate well. A baddie need a kick? Want me to kneel down? Argo's your horse.

Xena is the best rider a horse could wish for. (You hear me Xena? Make sure your devoted horse gets a nice safe stable next time.)

Gabrielle on the other hand is NOT a natural horse woman. She is pretty hopeless actually and the few times she does get on my back she whines about me being too tall ! For a while we really didn't get on too well. I had to carry her gear, all those scrolls certainly adding to the weight, plus the cooking pans and so on. However, I soon came to realize that she was not an annoying kid after that incident with Talmadeus, and the strange Callisto/Xena body swap thing that REALLY confused me. Gabrielle was good to me then. I now know she is almost as important to Xena as I am, and I have stopped trying to take chunks out of her. Lately she seems to be gaining a bit of horse sense mind you. We will never have that special horse - rider relationship that Xena and I have, but Gabrielle is OK by me. (And at least she doesn't weigh too much!)

After the Callisto incident I really should mention Joxer. I know some people think he an annoying jerk, but I have to say that he was prepared to stand up to Callisto to protect me- that's very brave considering what a psycho she is.
This was my first meeting with Callisto. Rotten old bag kept kicking me when Xena captured her. It was all I could do to keep my temper and not buck her off! She made it clear that she would be prepared to hurt me to get to Xena- very dishonourable behaviour. Of course, she nearly managed it during the body swap.

Other riders during the last few years include:
Princess Diana- a terrible rider! You'd think a princess would have more horse experience
Orpheus- he really didn't convey much to me. Kind of like carrying a sack of flour.
Autolycus - wierd, because when he rode me after the strange incident when Xena died, it was as if Xena herself was aboard.

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