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Top Ten XENA and X FILES links!

10. The abduction of Mulder's sister Samantha was the catalyst for his search for the truth. The killing of Xena's brother Lyceus was what started her off on her path as a warrior.

9. William B Davis playes the Cigarette Smking Man on the X FILES and was Lucy Lawless' drama teacher years ago.

8. Both shows have an dynamic, hands-on creator - Chris Carter on the X FILES and Rob Tapert on XENA.


News and a Name for Lucy Lawless' X Files character..
News and Gossip from the net
August 17 2001

With filming on The X Files starting this week, there are the first details of Lucy Lawless' character. According to Daniel at Cinescape.com, Lucy is playing a character called Shannon McMahon - and she sounds a fascinating character!

The first two episodes, Nothing Important Happened Today and Nothing Important Happened Today II airing on November 4th & 11th in the US, include a mysterious woman who in part one:
"[A Government] guy is killed by a mysterious woman he picks up in a bar. She forces them off the bridge. She also has the unique talent of being able to breath under water. This woman pops up a lot in the script running around naked and drowning people like a worker at a water treatment plant."

In Part 2 there are more spoilers about Lucy's character and who she might be. This from a source at Cinescape.com:
"Agent Doggett(Robert Patrick) appears to be dead in Act 1 of the episode but is rescued by what I am assuming is our water woman/Lucy Lawless now named Shannon McMahon. Shannon claims to be some sort of super soldier. Knowle Rohrer (a character we met in S8) somehow survived the car crash and Shannon claims he is also a "Super Soldier". She also claims that the people she killed in 9X01 (Nothing Important Happened Today) were "preparing the water supply" and this needs to be exposed by Doggett. "

There are also some details from the set of filming. I liked this line about what Lucy looks like...

Lucy's hair doesnt look like it did when she was XENA -- it is thinner and straighter.

Read more details at Cinescape.com on the two episodes:

Nothing Important Happened Today
Nothing Important Happened Today II

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Dear Lila
"Lets have a nice trip to the woods, bit of canoeing, catch up with Virgil," says Xena, "it'll be a nice break.."
HA!!! What a liar she is! Our canoe gets attacked by wierd water guys (why DID they attack us in water?) a scrap with a bloke in a bear skin (looked pretty flea bitten too), I get chucked into a raging river and nearly drown, freeze my arse off in a cave for hours, get dragged up a cliff backwards by my 'supposed' best friend who then hands me over to the cannibals! Then I get basted in THE most disgusing sauce ever (reminded me of Granny' notorious Gooey Goosey Gravy) before having the crucial role in Xena's plan to defeat these people while having to battle hungry cannibals eyeing me in a way I found most disconcerting. Don't think they wer after my body in the way the usual pervy warlords are...
Wonder if we will EVER have a nice quiet week...

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