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Top Ten Musical Moments
(All praise to Joe LoDuca!)

10. Let the Spirit Move me from S4's A Tale of Two Muses. Lovely song..and NOT Lucy Lawless sining by the way..

9. The finale, 'People Got to Be Free' in S5's Lyre Lyre, Hearts on Fire. A real feel good moment on the show.

8. The haunting music that accompanied the final scene of A Friend in Need ..sob!


Lucy Lawless to appear in Season 9 of The X Files
July 30th 2001

Exciting news for XENA and X FILES fans, it was reported today that Lucy Lawless has been signed up to appear in the first episodes of the 9th Season of the popular FOX network show. There are no details yet about what sort of role she will have, and initially it will be just for two episodes.
This was the Variety/Reuters press release.

"X" still marks the spot for Lucy Lawless, whose hit series "Xena: Warrior Princess" ended its run this summer.

The actress has now signed on for a multi-episode gig on the upcoming season of "The X-Files." She is set to appear on the show's first two episodes. There's a chance she could do more episodes, though nothing's been decided yet.

The show's season premiere is Nov. 4. Details regarding the Lawless character are being kept under wraps.

"We're thrilled to have an opportunity to work with Lucy, whose work we've admired for a long time," said "X-Files" executive producer Frank Spotnitz. "We think we've found an interesting and unexpected way to have her join the family."

This season of the X Files will NOT feature David Duchovny, and regular viewers will have seen that Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) gave birth to a baby boy in the finale of Season 8. The new series, starting in November, is very much an unknown. Gillian Anderson's level of involvement is unknown, and Chris Carter spoke recently about "X Files: The next Generation", alluding to new agents Robert Patrick (John Doggett) and Annabeth Gish (Monica Reyes). Doggett was Scully's partner for all of season 8, while Reyes was an occasional guest star, but is likely to be a regular this year.

So what will Lucy be? Another new agent? A baddie like DS9's Nana Visitor in Dark Angel? Will she be something spooky?? A ghost? A monster? A reincarnated Xena??? Who knows...

Read this article from the Official X Files web site on Lucy joining

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