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Top Ten Musical Moments
(All praise to Joe LoDuca!)

10. Let the Spirit Move me from S4's A Tale of Two Muses. Lovely song..and NOT Lucy Lawless sining by the way..

9. The finale, 'People Got to Be Free' in S5's Lyre Lyre, Hearts on Fire. A real feel good moment on the show.

8. The haunting music that accompanied the final scene of A Friend in Need ..sob!


More details on Lucy's involvement in The X Files

August 2nd 2001

So how *DID* Lucy Lawless get that role on THE X-FILES? Executive producer Frank Spotnitz has been explaining it all.

While talking to the New York Post, the producer explained, saying, "She and [Chris Carter] met in the past year, and she said she was a fan of the show...Since that time, it's been something in the back of Chris' mind as to how we could use Lucy, and when we began mapping out the X-FILES mythology, we found the perfect place for her."

Though he avoids being specific about what or who Lawless' character on the series will be, Spotnitz reveals what he can, saying, "In typical X-FILES fashion, she's going to be one of those characters where you're not sure whether she's good or bad.
"She'll have a lot of levels to her."

Spotnitz said Lawless would most likely appear in another four episodes of "The X-Files" after her initial two-episode appearance.

Lawless will appear on the program's first two episodes of its ninth season. She may well be returning later in the season, too.

Read this article from the Official X Files web site on Lucy joining

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