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Top Ten XENA and X FILES links!

10. The abduction of Mulder's sister Samantha was the catalyst for his search for the truth. The killing of Xena's brother Lyceus was what started her off on her path as a warrior.

9. William B Davis playes the Cigarette Smking Man on the X FILES and was Lucy Lawless' drama teacher years ago.

8. Both shows have an dynamic, hands-on creator - Chris Carter on the X FILES and Rob Tapert on XENA.


XENA Magazine #23 Out Now.
The Penultimate issue....
August 15 2001

Yes, only one more XENA magazine to go after this, so what does this Soul Possession-like edition of the magazine have? Well for a start off, it is chock FULL of spoilers for the season finale, so if you don't know by now, avoid! Reaction to the finale is reported on, plus a detailed account of the talk by Rob Tapert, RJ Stewart, Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor at the Museum of Television and Radio in June and their explanations about the finale (in more detail than I had seen anywhere on the net.) There is also news of a XENA Gameboy color game.

Interviews this issue: Michael Hurst on directing S6 of XENA, plus what he has been up to recently. An interesting chat with actor David Franklin and his determination to get a role on XENA. Another person who lobbied to get on the show, writer Katherine Fugate gives an informative interview. The behind the scenes report on the work of the second unit crew, and a chat to Xena stunt double Zoe Bell (but sadly no photo of her) rounds up the interviews. You can read three of these interviews with Michael Hurst, David Franklin and Katherine Fugate, right here by following the links or going to the Articles Page
Articles this issue on the sexiest stars in the Xenaverse is nice enough - liked the Gabrielle/Bridget Jones link! There is also a bit about the disclaimers that is mainly a rehash of what we already knew (who DID take over writing them after Liz Friedman quit?) and a slightly pointless description on exactly what happended in A Friend in Need.
Other noteworthy features, a double sided poster of Xena in her A Friend in Need bikini - like the cover, and one of Xena, Gabrielle and Eve from Motherhood.

Something that may well be interest for a lot of you is a great offer to buy back issues for half price! While some are sold out, there are loads that you may have missed, plus the rare alternate covers that are hard to get hold of, allfor jsut 2.00 plus P&P.

I often have people ask me where they can get back issues, so here's your chance folks!

There is a phone number and email address which if you can't read it on the photo above is:
(+44) 01536 764 646 of

(US readers, I am fairly sure you miss off that 0 after the 44. UK people, you obviously don't need the 44. That is the international dialing code for the UK.)

So, just a month or so before the last XENA mag, and we are promised Ted Raimi and Hudson Leick (editor Darryl Curtis was obviously busy at the Starfury Con!) and a review of the show over the six years.

Season 6 Episode Poll
Which were your favourite episode from XENA's Season 6?
Choose up to FIVE, and submit. You can only vote once, so choose carefully!

Coming Home
Haunting of Amphipolis
Heart of Darkness
Who`s Gurkhan?
The Abyss
The Rheingold
The Ring
Return of the Valkyrie
Old Ares Had a Farm
Dangerous Prey
The God You Know
You Are There
Path of Vengeance
To Helicon and Back
Send in the Clones
The Last of the Centaurs
When Fates Collide
Many Happy Returns
Soul Possession
A Friend in Need 1
A Friend in Need 2

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Dear Lila
"Lets have a nice trip to the woods, bit of canoeing, catch up with Virgil," says Xena, "it'll be a nice break.."
HA!!! What a liar she is! Our canoe gets attacked by wierd water guys (why DID they attack us in water?) a scrap with a bloke in a bear skin (looked pretty flea bitten too), I get chucked into a raging river and nearly drown, freeze my arse off in a cave for hours, get dragged up a cliff backwards by my 'supposed' best friend who then hands me over to the cannibals! Then I get basted in THE most disgusing sauce ever (reminded me of Granny' notorious Gooey Goosey Gravy) before having the crucial role in Xena's plan to defeat these people while having to battle hungry cannibals eyeing me in a way I found most disconcerting. Don't think they wer after my body in the way the usual pervy warlords are...
Wonder if we will EVER have a nice quiet week...

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