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Director: Michael Hurst
Writer: RJ Stewart and George Strayton & Tom O'Neill
Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Danielle Cormack (Samsara)(left)
Claudia Black(Karina)
Kate Elliott (Yakut)(left)
Karl Urban (Kor)
Shelley Edwards (Cyane)
Selma Blair (Cyane/Utma)
Monica McSwain (Olan)

Xena`s daughter Eve is to be an Amazon Princess! Xena and Gabrielle return to the tribe of the young northern amazons only to find their friend Yakut is dead - killed in a battle. Her spirit is restless however, and she communicates with Xena and tells her of a secret in the Amazons past. Meanwhile, Gabrielle is learning about the initiation rites Eve will have to go through.

This episode is mainly an excuse to use a load of footage from the unseen pilot show, 'Amazon High'. Directed by Michael Hurst several years ago, it features Selma Blair as a 1990s American girl who is transported back to the early days of the Amazons, before they were named and before they had established themselves and their code of conduct. Cyane (Blair) comes up against an angry warrior Samasara (Cormack) who is a great hero to generations of Amazons, but her lust for revenge is what Yakut want to reveal to Xena and her tribe.

Notes: Amazon High was written by RJ Stewart directed by Michael Hurst, the parts with Xena and Gabrielle were written by Strayton and O`Neill and directed by Paul Grinder. Claudia Black went on to star in the hit Sci Fi show FARSCAPE. Selma Blair went on to star in several hit movies such as Cruel Intentions, in which she got to kiss Sarah Michelle Geller (Buffy)! Danielle Cormack is best known as our favourite Amazon, Ephiny.

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